Commercial cleaning and janitorial services London, Ontario, operated by Jani King, delivers the best of both worlds - janitorial services and professional grade cleaning at an exceptional price.

We bring over 47 years of experience in the clean and janitorial industry so that you can benefit from a clean work environment and full access to on-demand and cleaning services like carpet steaming, sanitation (washrooms, production and machines, work areas, office buildings etc),  and more. 

Jani King offers competitive prices for professional commercial cleaning services, choose the brand you trust with prices our competition can't really match starting from:

1 x a week - $250.00 a month

2 x a week - $325.00 a month

3 x a week - $450.00 a month

4 x a week - $550.00 a month

5 x a week - $650.00 a month

6 x a week - $750.00 a month

7 x a week - $900.00 a month

Choosing the right commercial cleaning and janitorial company can be just as important and challenging as choosing your company's Internet provider. Both companies will deliver the work, but when you get  unexpected issues and need that extra attention, Jani-King will be there to help you 24/7 with our on-demand services.

Take advantage of our special promotions available on this site for new clients that who are searching for affordable commercial cleaning and janitorial services in and around the city of London. Not only that you will find our prices to be very competitive, but you will also qualify for our available promotions, professional advice, on-demand cleaning services, industry compliance experts, and get service from a company that takes cleaning very seriously. 

We aid many industries with expert level commercial janitorial and cleaning and services, here are some examples:

Industrial & Post Construction Cleaning Services

Construction site cleaning

From a nuclear power plant where security is the biggest priority, to Industrial sites where safety is extremely importance, the Jani-King team has the experience, the support and the track record you demand to present you with the cleanest possible workplace. 

Jani-King delivers unrivaled  cleaning services for Industrial and Post-Construction sites, in a range of environments and facility sizes.

Medical & Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services

Medical building cleaning

At Jani-King, we know that keeping medical facilities disinfected and assisting in the prevention of healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) is critical. Our medical cleaning service program ensures proper disinfection and exceeds the toughest standards and regulations.

Healthcare consumers demand improved cleaning standards when receiving patient care, in every medical setting. Thus, more and more governments are passing laws on improved hospital cleaning standards, and facility infection rates in the outpatient settings. 

Car/Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

Car dealership cleaning

In the first 30 seconds of entering an establishment, customers will develop first impressions of your business. These first impressions are also based on the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the building. Increase your chances of repeat visits and sales with the help of Jani-King's Car/Auto Dealership Cleaning services.

Jani-King's’ Dealership Cleaning Services can help support your auto sales efforts by presenting your potential customers with a clean building and car showroom. This is essential for helping you to establish a strong first impression.


Restaurant / Food Service Cleaning Services

Picture of restaurant kitchen in chrome

At Jani-King, we understand that hospitality/food services and cleanliness work together. Jani-King crews are ready to provide optimal restaurant cleaning services to ensure that your kitchen, dining room, and storage areas are always clean, fresh and ready for the next day. 

Hotel Housekeeping Services

hotel housekeeping

From supplemental staff during busy seasons to a complete, turn-key housekeeping services, Jani-King’s exceptional Hotel Cleaning program works above and beyond to exceeds the results you expect.

One of the most important factors for ensuring customer satisfaction in hotels and resorts is the level of cleanliness. You can easily improve guest experience and scores with properly trained, efficient housekeeping personnel with the Jani-King crew.

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